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What Kind of Safety Kit and Training Should CDL Drivers Have?

Every day, truckers are faced with medical emergencies. Truck drivers are often the first on the scene of traffic accidents and other situations that require first aid, such as choking, bleeding, burns, broken bones, unconsciousness, diabetic shock, strokes and heart attacks. Truckers themselves are often victims of injuries – from illness to accident, scraped knuckles […]


Putting Safety First: Requirements for Commercial Truck Drivers in Texas

The State of Texas, and the commercial cartage industry, take the safety of the public, drivers and the integrity of safe delivery of goods and commodities very seriously.  Our record and reputation for quality cartage services is routed in public and driver safety. Mandatory Training and Education Prior to Licensure Before enrolling in a truck […]

Security Measures That Protect Your Cargo

Security Measures That Protect Customer Freight and Cargo A recent article in Overdrive magazine, provided some good news for the American trucking industry.   In 2017, the number of cargo theft incidents dropped by 15%, compared to reported theft in 2016. In a report and survey conducted by SensiGuard, there were a total of 649 reported […]

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Career Opportunities for Truck Drivers

The commercial trucking industry is responsible for moving more than 70% of domestic freight tonnage annually and is the lifeblood of the American economy. Over 10 billion tons of freight is shipped every year, thanks to qualified and safe licensed commercial drivers, and there are almost 3.5 million registered heavy-duty Class 8 trucks on the […]