Fuel Purchase Routing And How It Can Save Truckers Money?

A trucking company’s biggest expense – whether it is a large fleet owner or a small independent trucker – is usually fuel, which is now estimated to account for about 25% of expenses. Fuel management can optimize fuel efficiency and save money by following some simple driving rules.

Did you know that a truck traveling at 75 mph uses 20% more fuel than one going 65 mph? And skilled drivers can improve their mpg by another 20% or more by reducing the engine’s rpms, using cruise control where possible, breaking and accelerating gradually, avoiding unnecessary shifting, and limiting the use of cab accessories.

Truckers Today Also Have The Advantage of Fuel Purchase Routing

In 2000, Integrated Decision Support Corporation (IDSC), a leading provider of optimization-based decision support systems for the transportation industry, developed a fuel-pricing database for trucking companies. Based on a shipment’s location and destination, IDSC recommended where to purchase fuel, how much to buy at a given location, and negotiated discounts.

In 2007, IDSC partnered with ALK Technologies to provide over-the-road fuel purchase optimization directly through its PC*Miler routing and mileage software. At that time, their PC*Miler software used daily updated pump prices from 8000 truck stops and fueling stations in the U.S. and Canada.

Today, the PC*Miler32 application has expanded the number of fueling stations to nearly 11,000, and in addition to fuel savings, their GPS routing system offers more detailed local information about areas along the route and will generate realistic drive-times and ETAs which include HOS durations and break stop locations.

The PC*Miler/ALK affiliate CoPilot Truck GPS application is available for android and iPhone for a 14 day free trial with monthly or yearly subscription thereafter.

Here Are Some More Fuel Purchase Routing Applications For Truckers

FREE mobile application with GPS routes, diesel fuel stops, weigh stations, overnight parking, rest areas, and Walmarts. The optimized GPS routes have directions for trucks (not cars) with truck weight limits, low clearance, and HazMat restrictions.

  • DAT TruckerFREE app available for iOS devices and androids, featuring access to DAT Load Board, with free limited searches for nearby truckloads. This app also includes listings of trucker-friendly restaurants and hotels.
  • Trucker Path – FREE app (but there are optional in-app purchases) available for iPhones and android devices. With this app you can search branded and independent truck stops, find truck washes and check weigh stations and scales status. Get real-time parking availability and, at some locations, you can even book truck parking in advance.
  • SYGIC Truck GPS – Free download and 14 day free trial, (subsequent pricing based on the selected plan,) available for iOS and android devices. Features include optimal real-time traffic information, speed camera database, and locations with the best fuel prices.
  • SmartTruckRoute – Available for android and iOS devices, with pricing by month, year, or three-year plan. Specify truck size, weight, and HazMat level to insure accurate truck routing. It also features a driver feed-back loop.

These are just a few of the most popular truck routing applications. Google Play and the App Store will give you more detailed information about these and other apps to help you plan safer, more efficient routes that will cut the largest expense for truckers; fuel costs.

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