Career Opportunities for Truck Drivers

The commercial trucking industry is responsible for moving more than 70% of domestic freight tonnage annually. It is the lifeblood of the American economy. Over 10 billion tons of freight is shipped every year thanks to qualified and safe licensed commercial drivers. Career opportunities for truck rrivers continue to grow. There are almost 3.5 million registered heavy-duty Class 8 trucks on the roads today, and almost four million licensed drivers.

There are not many industries that can match the demand that there is currently, for experienced freight and commercial truck drivers in Texas, and the United States. That’s why more Texans than ever before, are pursuing training and licensure to join the fast-growing industry, that offers job security in virtually any region in the United States.  If you are looking for a high-growth career, that offers the entrepreneurial benefit of small business ownership (owner/operator), commercial transport may be a good fit for you.

A New Career Direction for Semi-Retired Americans

Today many people plan a transition from jobs that they held in labor or production, to a career in trucking, which offers an opportunity to remain gainfully employed in a role that requires less physical demand, compared to jobs in construction or manual labor roles.

Did you know that the average age of an American commercial truck driver, is 50 years? Many enter the trucking industry later in life as a second career, a way to supplement their income, or as an opportunity to travel around the country while earning a good income.

Couples and Business Partners Who Team Drive Commercial Trucks

The couple who drives together, stays together.  At least that’s what we’ve learned after decades of experience in commercial freight and trucking.  In many rural areas, employment opportunities can be scarce, and it’s not uncommon to see married couples enjoying the income opportunity and time together, by becoming owner operator leased drivers for a cartage company.

Long haul teams can earn more, in most cases, as drivers take turns in compliance with road-hour regulations.   This in our opinion, greatly enhances road safety, while reducing driver fatigue. Team drivers can also split costs, in terms of fuel, and maintenance and repairs.  Essential jobs like cleaning, inspection and maintenance responsibilities are shared between drivers, who lease directly through Canal Cartage.

The Perks and Lifestyle of Commercial Truck Driving

For some drivers, it’s a matter of independence and self-direction, that encourages them to seek a career as a commercial truck driver.  Let’s face it, a desk job surrounded by people isn’t everyone’s idea of the best (and least stressful) way to earn a family income.  Through the years, we’ve known and employed hundreds of truckers, and they share a few things in common, including the love of seeing new things, the freedom of the open road, and a sense of being part of an essential supply chain for consumer products and commercial materials.   They know what they do is important to the economy, and there is a great pride and sense of satisfaction seeing new places and meeting new people.

There are many stereotypes about truck drivers, that assume they are constantly on the road, putting in long hours and isolated from their families.  In truth, many independent drivers who lease contracts, are in control of their own schedules.  They can choose their availability, and schedule that around other important personal needs.

With the right cartage company, a driver can experience a team environment, and the freedom to schedule their work around other obligations and personal needs.

If you are a licensed driver, with more than two-years of experience, and a safe driving abstract, we would like to talk to you about growing your career as an owner operator driver, for Canal Cartage.  Start with our online Application Form and tell us more about yourself.  We’ll schedule an interview and discuss the advantages of joining our team.

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