Get Back into Trucking with a CDL Driver Refresher Course

The average age of an American truck driver is 50 years old.  While the trucking industry looks for ways to recruit new drivers to pursue a lucrative career as an owner-operator, some seasoned truck drivers are pursuing employment again, after retirement.  There are more opportunities today than ever before, for cartage drivers to earn a lucrative income.  As an owner-operator, the advantages are numerous, including the ability to schedule your own hours, and operate your business with significant tax deductions.

All cartage companies are actively recruiting drivers to meet the growing national demand for freight services.  If you are retired, getting back on the road as a licensed CDL driver requires some re-training and education on new safety standards, but the training is relatively fast, and inexpensive.

Who needs CDL Driver Refresh Training?

Driver refresher courses are recommended for individuals who have been driving for a long time, or those who are returning to the truck driving occupation, after a period of absence.  Not only will the training help improve safety, but it will also address new changes to regulations, including EDLs and other recent legislative changes that impact driver operations.

Consider CDL refresher training if you are a driver who:

  • is returning after retirement as a career truck driver
  • is considering pursuing other license accreditation, including hazardous material freight
  • has not been driving full-time for a long period
  • has recently been involved in an at-fault (or no-fault) collision
  • has not received training on electronic driving log devices (ELDs)

Should drivers who have remained active and in-service also consider refresh training?  The trucking industry is changing constantly, and it can provide extra confidence and resources for drivers.  At Canal Cartage, we recommend that drivers consider refresh training every three years, to stay concurrent with industry and safety best practice.

An additional advantage for CDL drivers who successfully complete refresh training, is that it can in some cases, lower your truck insurance premiums.  Remember to retain a copy of your certification upon completion and talk to your insurance company about a discount, for regular continuing education and legal safety requirements.

What Does a CDL Refresher Course Provide?

There are many affordable options for truck drivers, who wish or need to complete a CDL refresher course.  Courses vary in terms of content, depending on the level of re-training that a driver needs, with some that involve a 3-day training at a school, and others that provide online training with road test and a written exam.

CDL refresher courses can instruct a driver and provide:

  • The ability to earn a Class A CDL license or Class B CDL
  • An opportunity to update and improve overall driving skills
  • Update mandatory maintenance and inspection procedures
  • Educate on the use of electronic driving logs (EDLs)
  • Safety training and truck repair skills
  • Environmental hazards and spill containment procedures
  • Defensive driving techniques for improved road safety and collision prevention
  • Security best-practice to protect your cargo

One of the great advantages of completing a CDL refresher course, it that it demonstrates to cartage companies that your skills are current with safety requirements.  Make sure to include that information on your application, if you are applying for an owner-operator lease with Canal Cartage.

At Canal Cartage, our business is growing rapidly, and we are actively recruiting owner-operators to join our team.  We encourage you to visit our driver advantage page, to learn more about working with our team.  Safe, reliable freight services for our customers begins by choosing the best drivers in Texas, and at Canal Cartage, we value our owner operators by providing incentives, bonus pay and owner-operator appreciation events.

Talk to us today about growing your business, as an owner-operator CDL truck driver, with Canal Cartage in Houston, Texas.

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