5 Blogs to Follow for Men and Women in Trucking

If you are an owner-operator, it’s important to stay connected to online resources that help you stay informed about changes to legal requirements, and for tips about maintenance and cost saving strategies to help boost your profitability.

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There are many sources to get trucking industry news from, but these seven are some of the best and our favorite.  Make sure to subscribe to their blogs if you enjoy the articles, or add them to your RSS feed, so that every time there is a new article, you’ll be emailed and able to stay connected with the information you need.

1. Overdrive

One of the things we like about Overdrive magazine, is their incredible podcast. Nothing is more entertaining and easier to listen to, than interviews with trucking industry experts and other drivers, discussing issues that impact us all. 

Overdrive also has a print edition that you can subscribe to, and have the magazine delivered to your home.  You’ll love the LIFE section of the blog that shares interesting stories from the lives of truck drivers coast to coast, their challenges and the rewarding aspects of keeping American businesses rolling.

Check out some great articles on the Overdrive blog here.

2. American Trucker

This magazine is probably the biggest and most widely respected publication for the American trucking industry.   Whenever we want to do a little research or review some of the changes that are being discussed in Congress, or what local and national trucking associations are doing, we head to American Trucker magazine.

American Trucker has many amazing journalists, but what we enjoy is that they represent members of the trucking industry.  So, the commentary and insights are real, and helpful because they are coming from other fleet owners, drivers and owner-operators.

One of the great resources on American Trucker magazine is the equipment search page.  You can find new or used heavy trucks and cargo vehicles, parts and a director of dealerships that you can source anytime you are on the road and away from home, needing a repair.

Find out what other trucking professionals are doing across America and get updates on legislative changes that impact the trucking industry from American Trucker.

3. Smart Trucking

Their tag line is “Smart Trucking Was Created for the Trucker”.  All articles on this online resource are written by and for truckdrivers, so the advice is very helpful and informative.  The two owners and writers for this magazine are Dave and Catherine.  Dave has been driving big rigs for over forty years, and has trained many new drivers, built and sold a logistics company he founded, and has completed over 3 million miles of accident free service in the industry.

Catherine is the publisher, editor and the person behind all the great videos on YouTube from Smart Trucking.  She is CDL licensed and has worked on the corporate side of trucking for more than thirty years.  You’ll enjoy some of her financial management and cost-saving advice.

Get maintenance tips and news you can use, from the writers at Smart Trucking.

4. Women in Trucking

Women are exploring new career and business opportunities in the trucking industry, and while current CDL female drivers represent only 7% of total commercial drivers, that number is expected to continue to increase.   You’ll enjoy hearing stories about female fleet drivers, owner-operators and executive roles for women within the trucking industry.

We promise, you will be inspired by what you find on this website. And the many events across the United States help support female truckers by providing learning resources and a community that encourages more women to explore trucking as a business or career opportunity.

If you are a female CDL truck driver, learn what other owner-operators and fleet drivers are doing, and how you can get involved with workshops and conferences to meet other drivers on Women in Trucking.

5. Heavy Duty Trucking

A magazine that is one of our favorite resources.  Bookmark Heavy Duty Trucking for informative articles on the American trucking industry, new technology for drivers and more.  What we love about this blog and magazine, is that it is heavily focused on new models, designs and technology that help keep truck drivers informed about new efficiencies and options to reduce costs.

What did you think of the blogs we selected for our top seven list?  Do you enjoy articles about the American trucking industry from other sources?  Leave us a comment below and share a link to your suggestions.  We appreciate your feedback and recommendations.

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