5 Ways the Trucking Industry Drives Economic Growth in America  

Professional CDL truck drivers are essential to the maintained growth of the American economy.  Did you know that 71% of freight tonnage that is moved across the United States (consumer and commercial goods) is delivered by cartage companies and truck drivers?  The trucking industry is key to American economic growth.

In 2017, over 10 billion tons of freight was delivered by 3.5 million American truck drivers. In fact, the trucking industry employs over 7 million people in the United States, and 80% of communities depend on truck drivers for the delivery of everyday goods. And that does not include up-stream business functions and related industries that rely on trucking and transportation logistics.  Source: Time.com

The demand for delivery services through cartage companies, has been increasing by an average of 2% to over 3% each quarter, for the past two years, and while CDL driver shortages nationwide are impacting growth, we wanted to show our support for the industry, and the value that owner-operators contribute to our business at Canal Cartage, and acknowledge how vital they are to the American economy.

  1. Grocery and Retail Stores

Everything that consumers buy in grocery and retail shopping stores, were delivered by retail fleets or cartage companies.  Refrigerated containers distribute imported foods, such as vegetables and tropical fruits, as well as domestically produced meats, dairy and other agricultural products that are home-grown in America.

Since the introduction of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and legislation that requires mandatory rest breaks for drivers and limited operation hours, the retail sector has experienced some cost increases, given the increasing demand for drivers, and truck driver shortages.  One of the challenges that grocers face is to reduce delivery time within peak freshness to reduce spoilage, and truckers are relied on as a resource, to ensure that food arrives safely and on time.

  1. Construction

According to a recent article in American Trucker, residential and commercial construction companies are very optimistic about sustained and increased growth in the building sector.  In fact, a recent Wells Fargo survey of large construction companies, forecast a ten-point increase in 2018, over building activity in 2017.

Truckers are responsible for carrying all supplies, including lumber, steel, hardware and concrete mixing materials to worksites. Some cartage companies transport heavy equipment to construction sites, and portable buildings to set up administrative offices at building locations.

  1. Manufacturing Supplies

The manufacturing sector relies on the trucking industry, to provide everything from raw materials (such as fabric, wood and plastics) to steel, and automotive parts.  The technology industry also ships computer components (some of which are imported from China and Mexico) for consumer electronics.

As many manufacturers operate JIT (just in time) production schedules and can have fines imposed on them for late delivery of final products, American truck drivers are an essential part of the manufacturing process.

  1. Gas and Oil (Equipment and Fuel)

Texas is a gas and oil state, and cartage companies are relied on for delivery of crude oil, equipment and supplies that keep refineries operating.  From delivering heavy loads of gas pipes and fittings, to refined fuel for gas stations, truckers help ensure the efficiency of production and delivery of fuel, to power American consumer demand and commercial needs.

  1. The Food Service Industry

Intrastate and import bulk purchasing of food products, supplies and ingredients is powered by thousands of transport trucks and drivers on the highway, every day. Because of food spoilage and storage, restaurants schedule multiple shipments per week of goods that they need to operate, and truck drivers are an integral part of that delivery system.

Next time you see a trucker (or a few of them) on the highway, consider that virtually every product and service that you, your business or employer uses, is delivered on-time, thanks to American’s 3.5 million licensed CDL drivers.  At Canal Cartage, we take every opportunity to show our appreciation to our owner-operators for their hard work, and the important role they play in supporting the growth of the American economy. 



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