Opportunities for Women in the Trucking Industry

The growing demand for more CDL truckers in America has created more opportunities for women to join the trucking industry.  As of 2017, only 6% of professional driver positions were held by licensed female truckers; it’s a number that is increasing every year, both in terms of fleet jobs and for entrepreneurial women as owner-operators.

What is most interesting and appealing for women who consider a career in trucking, is the flexibility that is provided for owner-operators.  Traditionally, the long hours and requirements for long-haul travel discouraged women from participating in the sector, as for many, a career in trucking did not align well with family and lifestyle needs.

However, owner-operators have the freedom to be able to ‘shop’ leased contracts from carriers and set their own schedule, while some trucking companies have worked to improve both the pay, discounts and incentives that CDL truckers receive.  In fact, the trucking industry is one of the only sectors where women and male drivers are paid at the same rate, with the same transparent terms (unlike other industries).  A fact that appeals to a growing number of women looking at less traditional employment options.

Organizations for Professional Female Truckers

If you have ever worked within the trucking sector, you already know that the industry behaves much like an extended family.  The professional road conduct, the lifestyle and the difficulties that drivers face are shared and supported by an ever-growing and digitally connected national community of professionals. 

As cartage companies and freight management organizations grow to meet increasing commercial demand, the number of groups that represent the career opportunity (and provide support) to female truckers also continues to grow.  It gives women truckers a collaborative voice, provides a forum for asking for advice, and a business network to share about lucrative hourly or leased contract opportunities with major carriers.

In fact, if you are considering changing careers and investing in private business as an owner-operator, some of these groups for female truckers are an excellent place to start.  They provide blog articles that share challenges and rewarding experiences from drivers across the country.

Here are a few of the largest American female trucking groups and websites:

Women in Trucking

A non-profit organization that was founded in 2007 and is focused on recruiting and networking with women across the country.  Women in Trucking are also vocal advocates for hiring women in the industry.   The non-profit group helps raise awareness for the career potential of the sector and works actively to increase the number of women drivers while serving as a resource for those employed in trucking.

Visit the Women in Trucking website, and if you are a female owner-operator, consider joining their membership for resources, networking, and other benefits.

Real Women in Trucking

If you are looking to meet other women who are employed in the American trucking industry, you may enjoy meeting the ladies behind Real Women in Trucking.  As more women (and men) become interested in a career in trucking, one of the growing problems is the quality of driver training that is provided at schools.    Real Women in Trucking has a mission to educate the public and its members about the best training and education resources to help them achieve their CDL accreditation and licensure.

The group also advocates for the improvement of driver’s benefits and works to recruit more women into the rapidly growing professional industry.  Their mission includes R – Reaching Out, E – Encouraging Others, A – Achieving Personal Success, L-Leadership.

Since truckers need time off too, the group successfully organizes annual cruises for members to vacation with other female professional drivers.  This year, the 3rd Annual Lady Truck Driver Cruise will depart from Tampa, Florida.  Check out the group social calendar for more information.

At Canal Cartage, we provide leased contracts for experienced CDL owner-operator drivers.  To learn more about the contract opportunities we provide, please visit our ‘Why Drive With Us’ page and consider applying today online, for more information.

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