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Congress Funds Port Houston Expansion

The first phase of using the WRDA funds for improvement will spend $500 million ‘catching up’ on a backlog of maintenance work at various ports. And then an additional $100 million per year until reaching the budgeted $1 billion after five years of infrastructure improvements.


The Top 5 Citations in the 2020 Trucker Safety Blitz

Every year there are safety checks, days, and weekends when both commercial and non-commercial vehicles can be randomly inspected. It is a nuisance, but we all know why it is necessary. The safety blitz events help remove unsafe vehicles from the road. And that makes every highway just a little bit safer for all drivers.


Texas Truckers Fall Road Safety Tips

No matter how long you have been a CDL trucker, a reminder to get ready for Fall is valuable. Get yourself in the mindset of the changing season and stay alert and prepared.

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Owner Operators

Why Do Carriers Offer Lease Contracts to Owner-Operators?

In most types of professionals, people prefer to be a salaried or hourly worker. But did you know that in the trucking industry, the most lucrative opportunity is as an owner-operator? When you own your own truck and work as an independent contractor with local carriers, there are five main advantages to consider.


Hours of Service (HOS) Changes for Truckers

The Hours of Service (HOS) regulations have not been updated since they were first instituted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 1938.


Resins Are Big Business in Texas

When you think of Texas, one of the first products that comes to mind is oil and gas.  If you live here, you already know


The Shortage of Safe Parking for Truckers is a Problem

The new laws, while forcing truckers to stop more often, has created a new challenge for the industry. There are not enough safe parking areas and trucker friendly rest-stops to accommodate the legally required breaks. And that is making things more difficult for professional truckers.

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Overweight Capabilities

How is the Trucking Industry Improving Fuel Efficiency?

For the past two years, the fuel economy of trucks has increased by .5% with 2018 data revealing heavy trucks averaged 7.27 mpg. Improve profitability and help reduce carbon emissions with these 7 small changes.



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