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Driving for Canal Cartage
Leasing Commercial Drivers

Driving for Canal Cartage Company

If you’re in the trucking industry and you’re itching for a new opportunity, Canal Cartage might be the gig for you. We’ve learned a lot about

Overweight Capabilities

Heavy Haul Freight Abilities At Canal Cartage

The trucking industry transports over 70% of US freight or nearly 12 billion tons of goods per year, and heavy loads are no exception. When you want

Port Houston Texas

How Hardware Failure Shut Down Two Terminals at Port Houston

Supply chains are already impacted by production and shipping delays caused often, by the global pandemic. At the same time, demand for e-commerce goods has skyrocketed.  Social distancing means more people than ever before are ordering goods online.  And in some sectors like health and wellness, suppliers have seen product demand increase.

trucking HOS regulations Texas Canal Cartage

House Appropriations Committee Report: More HOS Regulation Changes

ave been approved by Congress.  The Department of Transportation has a number of divisions, but the trucking industry has already heard some new initiatives are incoming in 2022. Some that could radically change current trucking regulations. Specifically Hours of Service or HOS.

Truck Inspection Texas Logistics Houston

6 Categories of Safety Inspections Truckers Do Every Day

Did you know that a pre-trip inspection for a trucker, involves checking ninety-five (95) different parts of the truck?  From bumper to bumper, truckers safely inspect their rig, chassis, and tractor every day to make sure it is roadworthy and safe. 

Female Truckers History

Historic Female Leaders in the American Trucking Industry

While women have been hesitant to join the trucking industry, there have been several trailblazing females that made their mark, starting from the early 1900s. Which is much earlier than many people think.  And to this day there are incredible female trailblazers that dedicate their lives and talent to operating successful commercial transport businesses.

nuclear verdicts trucking texas

Texas Senate Shields Trucking Companies From Nuclear Verdicts

Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Senate moved quickly to introduce laws that would help protect the trucking industry. House Bill 19 moved swiftly through the lower chamber in April 2021. Senator Larry Taylor (R-Pearland) said that it would help make sure lawsuits against truckers and trucking companies remained fair.

Ever Given Vessel Trucking

What Happened When Ever Given Got Stuck in the Suez?

What happened on the Ever Given freight vessel that allowed it to get stuck in the Suez Canal? And why did it capture international attention? It may be hard to believe, but one ship could really hold up much of the world’s supply chain.  And that’s why it was critical to resolving the problem as quickly as possible.





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