Driving for Canal Cartage Company

If you’re in the trucking industry and you’re itching for a new opportunity, Canal Cartage might be the gig for you. We’ve learned a lot about what type of life best serves our workers in the last two years.

Every working person has quit a job at least once where they feel undervalued, and that feeling is not always just about pay. It’s about lack of benefits, lack of support, and a general sense of feeling unfulfilled. For many folks, job security worth investing in can feel like a diamond in the rough. So, in this article, we are doing the leg work to help you understand our process of hiring drivers. When the going gets tough, we take stock in our drivers and support them in any way we can. Getting our drivers basic needs met is an essential part of a trusting, symbiotic relationship. Let’s take a look at what Canal Cartage Company can do for you.

Straight to the Point

Whether you’re new to the freight services industry or a seasoned vet, you know the challenges that come along with the job. In many big industries like trucking, the evolution of staff needs is sometimes slow to grow. We get that, so we’re out to change that narrative and develop how we take care of our own.

At Canal Cartage, we are 100% contractor-based. Our culture encourages healthy competition and provides a better, more stable idea of what your income will look like. With a competitive salary and incredible fuel surcharge, you will have opportunities to make a little extra and work with a competent employer.

Our owner-operators are the most valued part of our business. A business that has been grown and vetted since 1983. With that longevity in the freight market comes a lifetime of experiences that we share with our employees. Every person on the Canal Cartage team brings a little something to the table. Our team is filled with diverse people from all walks of life and experiences. 

We prioritize the safety of our contractors, employees, and the folks we interact with daily. We take pride in delivering freight from the Port Of Houston, meeting reasonable time frames, and keeping customers satisfied. That’s the Canal Cartage Company edict.

Job Security and Our Health

If you’ve ever worked in the freight industry, you know just how challenging it is to work with so many variables. Showing up to a job and knowing that you can rely on having fairly compensated work with reasonable time to rest is a game-changer for your mental health

Psychology and economic studies have highlighted the impact of job insecurity and its effects on physical and mental health. Long story short, job security is an integral part of our health and wellbeing. 

Knowing that you can afford your bills and support yourself or your family is crucial for a healthy life as a trucker. As a Canal Cartage driver, you can count on weekly settlements and direct deposits. You will also have access to a tire purchase program and fuel discounts. Bilingual dispatch is an inclusive measure that honors folks from different areas of the globe.

Receiving additional pay for things like hazmat and heavy loads is one of the many ways Canal Cartage Company acknowledges how valuable of an asset its team members are to our organization. 

Job security is about more than your pay. It’s about the support required to advocate for your needs. It also means being mindful of the fact that rest is required both legally and mentally for all of our owner-operators and drivers.

Requisites & Benefits

So often, the minimum requirements of many jobs don’t align with the benefits offered. Plenty of folks find themselves laughing at the way those two factors compare.

We believe in equity and accessibility. Extra compensation is paid out to solidify that your over-axle and over-weight permits remain valid to ensure we continue operating legally and safely.

All drivers must meet a minimum driver age of 23 years old, hold a Class A CDL with both tank and hazmat endorsements, and have two years of verified tractor-trailer experience.

We pay all chassis splits with access to paid authorized bobtails. We have our fleet of chassis and trailers to help curb repair expenses. Our goal is to keep you on the road and to put money in your pocket as efficiently as possible. With 24/7 dispatch, you can connect with us anytime if you require work or support.

We check your moving violations on your MVR TWIC card and expect no more than two to be issued. What do you get in return? No red tape and ultimate compliance. 

In this industry, it’s rare to find a golden egg. The stories we hear about the best-case scenario may sound like a tall tale that your grandfather would’ve told you. The good news is, it’s not too good to be true. 

Canal Cartage Company will continue to refine the freight and trucking industry models by investing in our team. Because of that investment, our organization has made it to the top and we want you to come with us.

Pull the Trigger

If you’re pulling 70 hour weeks, then it had better be for an organization you respect and benefits that keep you supported. 

When you choose to drive with Canal Cartage Company, you’re driving with a fleet of excellence. If you’re looking for a new driving gig and this sounds like the right fit for you, connect with our website to submit your application today.

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We are thinking about our partners, vendors, friends, and family in Florida as they brace the impact of Hurricane Ian. 

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Canal wishes you a great start to your week with some #mondaymotivation! 

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Canal Cartage is proud to be the ONLY carrier in the market that offers Next Dispatch! A tool created to allow #owneroperators to dispatch themselves via their tablet! 

Canal Cartage is committed to being the best and leading the way, Drive for Canal! 

- 8:1 chassis to driver ratio 
- ALL chassis splits paid 
- $75/hr waiting time paid 
- Port express pass 
- Quality consistent freight 
- Home nightly 

Find out more : 832-333-2519 or 832-333-2554
Apply here! https://canalcartage.com/why-drive-with-us/

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Canal invites you to take a moment to be thankful for the drivers in our community. They work so hard to make sure we have the things  we easily take for granted. Without them, we would have nothing!

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Canal would not be the company it is without our #owneroperators.

They truly are the reason why we are able to provide such outstanding drayage services, and we could not thank you enough! 

Canal wants to remind you to thank any #owneroperators in your life for their outstanding work, the economy couldn't run without them!

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