Benefits of Warehousing with Canal Cartage

Warehousing and storage in the United States is a 29 billion dollar industry. It is no small matter to work out which warehousing company you want to work with when beginning to ship or store your wares. So how do you decide which warehousing company to use?

This article will help you understand how Canal Cartage is an excellent choice for securely storing and moving your goods in 2021. By the end of the article, you should be able to recommend Canal Cartage to your managers or shareholders with the knowledge to back up such claims. Keep reading for more information on Canal Cartage and our warehouse services.

Who Is Canal Cartage?

Canal Cartage is a warehouse and trucking service based in Houston, Texas. We provide cross-docking, trans-loading, transportation, and warehousing facilities in the Port Of Houston area.

What Is Warehousing?

Warehousing is simply how companies store their stock, from when the items arrive from freight shipping until it gets loaded for delivery. Products are stored in the warehouse, and how and when they leave is coordinated by our logistics team.

Warehousing is an always-improving and ever-changing industry. Storage technology and shipping methods change every year to keep up with growing demand, becoming faster and more efficient. This has led to warehousing becoming a more central part of the freight process for many product suppliers. Warehousing is only one part of the chain of supplying retailers, but it is crucial. Canal Cartage is at the forefront of good warehousing and distribution. The following are reasons why:

Safety and Security

Canal Cartage Company makes use of many separate technological advances to keep your freight safe. These help track and clear everything you need to have shipped so that you can keep an eye on the things that matter to you.

We work alongside the teams at the Port of Houston, Texas, to make sure all goods that you import and export remain secure during their stay. Companies like Interstate Warehousing cannot guarantee this in light of their employee record.

Sizeable Warehouses

Sitting by the Port of Houston, Texas, we have a significant storage location. Our warehouses are currently over three hundred thousand square feet of modern freight and intermodal facilities, with another expansion coming in 2022 to double our current capacity. We can assist you with storing almost any kind of goods.

Our warehouse is in a location that gives it perfect access to Port Houston terminals. This way, you do not need to pay high costs to ship your items long distances, only to have them stored in a warehouse. Our storage is close by and able to merge all your deliveries into one location.

Consolidating Freight

If you choose to import your shipments in an LCL format (less-than-container), we can help you merge your freight into one storage solution. In doing so, you can save a large amount of money as your cargo is not separated into different trucks.

Other companies, such as the Auto Warehousing Company, do not currently advertise the consolidation of goods. It is often more beneficial for shipping and warehouse companies to encourage LCL shipping, as they can ask for more money. We encourage consolidation instead for the best deal for your warehousing efforts.

Low Cost

With all the benefits of Canal Cartage, you will find that we can save you large amounts of money. No longer will you need to spend as much on warehousing and distribution when you work with us to get your products to the next stage in their journey.

You need to only compare our costs with those of such companies as Goggin Warehousing or Worley Warehousing. You will see that you can save several percentages of your profit by talking to us about your options and getting a quote.

What Else Does Canal Cartage Do?

Warehousing is not the only service Canal Cartage provides for you and your company. We also have an extensive distribution network ready to work with you. Our fleet ensures we complete your Drayage fast and with a high degree of quality.

Domestic Drayage

In Houston, Canal Cartage can ship goods all across the United States. We can pick goods up at business locations or drop them off at specific locations. We can also transfer your goods to other movement methods such as rail or boat as need be.

Hazmat Drayage

It is essential to understand if the cargo you are transporting might be hazardous. We always take the dangers associated with hazardous cargo seriously. We focus on protecting the health and safety of our drivers and people on the road.

In the case of shipping hazardous materials, Canal Cartage will work to ensure drivers have the proper training. We help process the logistics of getting the driver supplied with a valid HME license. This license is part of the reassurances available to ensure a driver knows how to transport such goods.

Canal Cartage monitors any dangerous chemicals or shipments to ensure that hazardous cargo is not moved in an unsafe way. We also make sure that there are no concerns about the potential terrorist use of any shipments.

If you are unsure if the material you wish to ship or warehouse falls under these categories, you should contact the Canal Cartage team. We would be happy to help you understand the systems in place that relate to your freight.

Intermodal Drayage

Intermodal Drayage uses two or more modes of transport to get something from point A to point B. Canal Cartage has a great deal of experience in this, with experience managing freight traveling by rail, truck, and boat.

Who Do I Contact?

You should now have a better idea of how Canal Cartage can provide warehousing solutions for you now and in the future. You might still have further questions, though, and we would be happy to talk about them.

If you want to get more information on what Canal Cartage can do for you, you only need to get in contact. Our specialists are on hand to answer any query you might have. So jump on the phone and give us a call today.

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