Visit Our Warehouse in La Porte, TX

Why Warehouse With Canal Cartage?

Canal Cartage provides secure warehousing at our facility in La Porte Texas. This large 272,000 square foot warehouse provides storage for non-hazmat and palletized goods for our commercial customers. If you are importing less-than-container (LCL) load shipments on a regular basis, consolidating your freight can provide a tremendous savings on your overall freight costs.

The Canal Cartage warehouse is conveniently located close to Port Houston terminals. If you are a manufacturer, a distributor or an e-commerce retailer, your shipments can come from a variety of different merchants, imported through Port of Houston Texas. Don’t pay the high cost of truck or transmodal delivery for partial containers. Let us help you consolidate your freight conveniently, at our secure warehouse.

The Advantages of Warehousing and Freight Consolidation

When you use a quality handler and logistics provider like Canal Cartage warehousing for freight consolidation, your business will be able to track the location of your goods in real-time. It is much easier to bring together break-bulk freight and consolidate it in one or two containers, than it is to track smaller shipments of individual pallets.  

Our experienced CDL operators will pick up your break-bulk goods and transfer them to our secure warehouse in La Porte.  We can repeat this multiple times until you have a full-container load of goods, at which time, our team will help you schedule delivery of your container drayage. Or, if you are a local business, you can schedule an independent pick-up of all goods from our warehouse. 

Consolidated freight is a win for both the commercial business owner and the logistics provider.  Smaller shipments can be acquired and delivered faster, than full-container loads (FCL). It also means that a drayage provider does not have to return an empty container. These savings are passed on to the commercial business owner.

Ask us about JIT (just in time) freight solutions and cost savings, by consolidating your cartage with us.

Our Safety & Security Standards

It is safe, secure and cost effective for all businesses to consolidate goods imported or exported through Port of Houston Texas, with Canal Cartage. Contact our service team today for a drayage and warehouse consolidation rate.

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