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Our Environmental Practices

  • Reducing idle time and empty miles by utilizing first in market dispatch software that allows drivers to dispatch themselves from a tablet. Every driver is able to coordinate dispatches to ensure the most efficient use of time and truck power.
  • Street turning import containers to export bookings is standard procedure, contributing to less port and depot congestion as well eliminating empty miles.
  • Canal is almost entirely paperless. An idea born in 2014 and fully launched in 2016, Canal has pushed for an almost exclusively paperless trucking operation from the receipt of orders from customers, to dispatch to drivers, and all paperwork and billing associated with each move. This objective is now being fully pursued in our warehouse operations as well with aims to be complete this year.
  • Encouraging our owner operators to take part in programs, such as TERP, that push for better-for-the-environment trucks.
  • Canal has switched to LED lighting at our terminals in an effort to reduce electricity consumption.

Our Community Practices

  • Canal engages in programs that provide education both for employees and those in the community through scholarship programs and tuition reimbursement programs.
  • Canal prides itself on diversity. Most of our departments have women in management positions, many of them being minorities.
  • Many of our employees have the option to work remotely, providing an opportunity for more time doing the things they enjoy most. This also eliminates those unnecessary emissions generated commuting to and from the office daily.
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