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In order to ship hazardous cargo within the United States, logistics service providers must supply a driver that has a valid HME (Hazardous Materials Endorsement) license.  The Texas Department of Public safety requires that drivers complete a four-step application process which includes:

  • Completion and submission of HME application and required fees. 
  • Successful preparation and completion of the Hazardous Materials Endorsement Knowledge Exam. 
  • An in-person interview, background check with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for a security threat assessment and fingerprinting. 

Because hazardous materials pose a critical threat to human health and the environment, and for assurances that hazardous cargo will not be used illegally, or for the purpose of acts of terrorism, or disposed of inappropriately, all shipments are closely regulated and monitored.

What Freight Is Classified As Hazardous Material?

The hazardous materials classification can be applied to industrial chemicals, solvents, raw materials and everyday consumer products.   Here is a list of items that can fall under the hazmat classification and require a special license before they can be transported by a carrier:

  • Barometers or thermometers that contain mercury. 
  • Aerosol products (explosive).
  • Mouthwash.
  • Alcohol products that are 140 proof or 70% alcohol or higher. 
  • Dry ice (releases carbon dioxide when it is defrosted).
  • First Aid Kits (some contain bio-hazardous materials and satchels).
  • Commercial or consumer adhesives that contain solvents, which are flammable.
  • Batteries for industrial or commercial use. 
  • Pressurized Caulking.
  • Commercial or consumer cleaning solvents (dry or liquid).
  • Audio speakers which may contain magnetized materials.

Our Safety & Security Standards

The different types of hazardous materials cargo are categorized in nine classes (please see the classifications from The U.S. Department of Transportation below).  If you are not certain whether your cargo requires a hazardous material permit and HME driver, please contact our team at Canal Cartage.  

Canal Cartage reserves the right of refusal for pick-up or delivery of any hazardous goods that have not been labeled or identified as such by the commercial business owner.

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