Visit Our Warehouse in La Porte, TX

Sometimes large commercial businesses have their own fleet, but do not want to deal with the delays and time it takes to secure LCL (less than container load) freight or FCL (full containers) from Port of Houston, Texas.  It takes time to wind your way through container pick up at Port of Houston, particularly during peak seasons for commercial freight. 

In other situations, commercial businesses may wish to ‘drop off’ palletized goods to our 270,000 square foot secure warehouse location in La Porte, Texas, to consolidate shipments.  Palleted goods can be received and securely stored until there is enough freight to fill a full container, which is more economical for businesses, compared to shipping half-empty containers.

Cost-Effective Crossdocking Services

Canal Cartage provides professional and cost-effective crossdocking services. Crossdocking is the process of taking goods from an inbound truck and loading them onto an outbound vehicle.   Where no storage is required to consolidated, it can shave shippers time and money on storage fees. Or we can store your freight and consolidate loads from multiple trucks, to one vehicle and shipment to your end destination. 

Commercial businesses that purchase large volumes of products for distribution to multiple locations (such as retail stores) can benefit from crossdocking services and freight consolidation.  As pallets of products are received, they can be split-shipped to destinations designated by our commercial customer. When consolidating freight, commercial businesses can indicate by SKUs which pallets should be sorted and shipped together in the same container.

Just In Time (JIT) Crossdocking Services

Ask us about Just in Time (JIT) crossdocking services for expedited freight, supplies and retail or e-commerce products.  Crossdocking provides a cost-effective way of managing palletized goods, and we have consolidated freight solutions to help trim your shipping costs. 

We also provide local delivery and support to Houston area commercial businesses and retailers. Ask us for a quote about our local drayage and cross docking services.

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