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Drayage is the transport of commercial cargo or freight over a short distance, or as part of a long-haul delivery schedule for the customer.   As many industrial supplies and retail products are imported to the United States from Mexico and China, intermodal drayage is often required, or more than one type of transportation to get the freight to end-user customer. 

Intermodal drayage can involve receipt of containers (FCL) or palletized goods (LCL) cargo from Port of Houston Texas by Canal Cartage.  The next step may be the delivery of the cargo to a warehouse to consolidate the freight (until a full container can be shipped). We offer a 270,000 square foot secure warehouse in La Porte Texas for cross-docking and freight consolidation.  Ask our team for more information about our secure storage services.

Port of Houston To Rail

For freight that must travel interstate, or across the country, transport of full container loads (FCL) is very economical by rail.  In these intermodal drayage services, Canal Cartage will pick up your container from the Port of Houston and complete the required paperwork for receipt.  We update the successful pick-up and provide real-time updates through our Customer Portal, so that you can check-up on the delivery status and schedule of your container(s). 

Intermodal transport from pier to train, can save commercial businesses on the cost of trucking full containers.  There is less manpower involved, less fuel consumption and therefore it is a more economical way for transport full containers over a longer distance.   It also means that commercial business owners will not have to pay for a return of the empty container.

Pier To Rail At The Best Possible Cost

Canal Cartage has provided intermodal drayage services from Port of Houston Texas, for more than thirty-years. We help ensure that your cargo will move from pier to rail, at the lowest possible cost. Contact us today for a rate quote.

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