A Big Positive Change to the Sleeper Berth Rule for Truckers

From the White House to the Department of Transportation, the trucking industry has been recognized as an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic.  What has been encouraging to see is that recognition that trucking is an essential…

What Kind of Products are Imported Through Port of Houston Texas?

Photo: Port of Houston Texas (Wikipedia) As residents of Houston Texas, we have a lot to be proud of.  Not only do we enjoy a commercially vibrant city, but we benefit from the freight traffic at Port of Houston.   How busy is Port of…
Cross docking Houston
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What Are Intermodal Drayage and Cross Docking Services?

At Canal Cartage, we are more than a logistics provider; we’re your partner in providing quality drayage services, transmodal and cross docking, with a large secure warehouse in La Porte, Texas.
Human Trafficking Houston Texas

Signs of Human Trafficking Violations Truckers Should Watch For

Don’t look the other way; be the person that does something, because you could save someone’s life, and help combat human trafficking.
Port of Houston Texas

The Interesting History Behind Port of Houston Texas

Did you know that Texas actually has seven ports, and all of them rank in the top 50 in terms of managed tonnage out of all domestic locations?