Cross-docking refers to the process of moving cargo from a truck (or railcar) to another truck, at a cross-docking warehouse. Palletized goods and FCL loads can wait in a secure location, to be consolidated with other freight for the same business. Containers may also be picked up from Port of Houston, and delivered to a warehouse, where the goods are separated and unloaded if they will be freight forwarded to different destinations. This is often the case with retail goods that have been imported to stock multiple locations. We are experts at Cross-docking and are ready to serve your companies needs.


The Shortage of Safe Parking for Truckers is a Problem

The new laws, while forcing truckers to stop more often, has created a new challenge for the industry. There are not enough safe parking areas and trucker friendly rest-stops to accommodate the legally required breaks. And that is making things more difficult for professional truckers.
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What Are Intermodal Drayage and Cross Docking Services?

At Canal Cartage, we are more than a logistics provider; we’re your partner in providing quality drayage services, transmodal and cross docking, with a large secure warehouse in La Porte, Texas.
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Industries That Rely on Commercial Drayage in Houston

According to the Texas Freight Mobility Plan (2017) and statistics, Texas is one of America’s most vital commercial freight hubs. If you have ever visited Port Houston and looked at the long line of vessels and volume of shipping containers, as well as the line of heavy trucks, you’d have no doubt that Texas is an important commercial link for business growth.