Human Trafficking Houston Texas

Signs of Human Trafficking Violations Truckers Should Watch For

Don’t look the other way; be the person that does something, because you could save someone’s life, and help combat human trafficking.
5 Blogs to Follow Reliable Drayage Services in Texas Canal Cartage Transmodal

5 Blogs to Follow for Men and Women in Trucking

If you are an owner-operator, it’s important to stay connected to online resources that help you stay informed about changes to legal requirements, and for tips about maintenance and cost saving strategies to help boost your profitability.…
Opportunities for Women

Opportunities for Women in the Trucking Industry

The growing demand for more CDL truckers in America has created more opportunities for women to join the trucking industry.  As of 2017, only 6% of professional driver positions were held by licensed female truckers; it’s a number…
Truck Stops

Tips for Finding the Best and Safest Truck Stops

Keep your favorite truck stop information handy and plan your most economical trip with the safest rest stops on the highway.
Hazardous Materials Endorsement

Earning a Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME) for CDL Drivers

A hazardous material is defined as any biological, chemical, radiological or physical compound that has the potential to cause health risks, bodily harm or damage to humans, animals or the environment.  The certification process for earnign…
Share the road with Professional Truck Drivers

How to Share the Road Safely with Professional Truck Drivers and Semi-Trucks

Any time a passenger vehicle is involved in a collision with a semi-truck, it makes the news because of the collateral loss and the injuries associated with a small vehicle impacting a large, heavy truck.  Some of the most life-threatening…

Higher Fuel Costs and the Impact on the American Trucking Industry and Consumer Goods

Did you know that the average passenger vehicle can get as much as 30 miles per gallon?  For commercial truck drivers, the fuel economy isn’t anywhere close to that, with many trucks averaging 6 to 8 miles per gallon. Fuel costs for owner-operators…
Economic Growth

5 Ways the Trucking Industry Drives Economic Growth in America  

Professional CDL truck drivers are essential to the maintained growth of the American economy.  Did you know that 71% of freight tonnage that is moved across the United States (consumer and commercial goods) is delivered by cartage companies…

The Advantages of Leased Contracts as an Owner Operator

At Canal Cartage, we offer a family oriented and team environment for our owner-operator truck drivers.  We believe that the income potential as a private owner-operator provides a rewarding and lucrative opportunity for drivers, while balancing…

Security Measures That Protect Your Cargo

Security Measures That Protect Customer Freight and Cargo A recent article in Overdrive magazine, provided some good news for the American trucking industry.   In 2017, the number of cargo theft incidents dropped by 15%, compared…