trucking emissions

How is the Trucking Industry Improving Fuel Efficiency?

For the past two years, the fuel economy of trucks has increased by .5% with 2018 data revealing heavy trucks averaged 7.27 mpg. Improve profitability and help reduce carbon emissions with these 7 small changes.
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Partnering with Owner-Operators for Quality Drayage Services

Canal Cartage has been partnering with Owner-Operators for quality drayage services in Houston Texas, since 1983.  Our commercial customers are business owners from a variety of sectors, including retailers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, mechanical…
Self driving truck with head up display on a road

Driverless Trucks Are Not an Option Now for Drayage

Driverless technology has already entered the consumer vehicle marketplace, with driver-assisted technology. But if you have been following the news, the technology behind driverless vehicles is anything but perfect for passenger vehicles.

Driverless Heavy Trucks Are Not a Good Option

With so many careers and job functions that are being rapidly replaced by automation, it is no wonder that the concept of driverless vehicles makes truckers and carriers a little nervous.   More than half of the States in American…