On November 12, 2018, the President of the United States Donald Trump and his Administration announced the creation of the CLEANER TRUCKS INITIATIVE (CTI) to decrease nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from on-highway semi-trucks and engines. NOx is a pollutant that can create both ozone, which contributes to climate change, and particulate matter, which can negatively impact both health and the environment.

NOx emissions have dropped 52% since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enacted new standards in 2001. But increasing truck traffic is expected to account for one third of NOx emissions from the transportation sector by 2025.

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The State of Texas, and the commercial cartage industry, take the safety of the public, drivers and the integrity of safe delivery of goods and commodities very seriously.  Our record and reputation for quality cartage services is routed in public and driver safety.

Mandatory Training and Education Prior to Licensure

Before enrolling in a truck driving educational program, drivers must first possess a valid Social Security Card for U.S. work authorization, and then provide:

  • A valid drivers license (Class-C)
  • Present without warrants or pending criminal charges.
  • Be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Submit to drug testing and provide a clean drug screening result
  • Provide a medical examination report certificate
  • Submit a complete driving abstract, to establish a safe driving record
  • Pass a Department of Transportation Physical Exam

During the course of driver’s education, students engage in both classroom and lab (in-truck) training, to gain real-world and hands on experience.  They are also required to demonstrate mechanical aptitudes for the safe operation of the truck, as well as education regarding highway and traffic law, and safety procedures. Read more