A Big Positive Change to the Sleeper Berth Rule for Truckers

From the White House to the Department of Transportation, the trucking industry has been recognized as an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic.  What has been encouraging to see is that recognition that trucking is an essential…
Self driving truck with head up display on a road

Driverless Trucks Are Not an Option Now for Drayage

Driverless technology has already entered the consumer vehicle marketplace, with driver-assisted technology. But if you have been following the news, the technology behind driverless vehicles is anything but perfect for passenger vehicles.

Driverless Heavy Trucks Are Not a Good Option

With so many careers and job functions that are being rapidly replaced by automation, it is no wonder that the concept of driverless vehicles makes truckers and carriers a little nervous.   More than half of the States in American…
Safety Kit and training

What Kind of Safety Kit and Training Should CDL Drivers Have?

Every day, truckers are faced with medical emergencies making it very important for them to carry a proper safety kit.. Truck drivers are often the first on the scene of traffic accidents and other situations that require first aid, such as…
Idling Regulations and Standards

Idling Regulations and Standards for CDL Truckers

NOx emissions have dropped 52% since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enacted new standards for the transportation industry in 2001.
Heavy Truck Rollover

Reduce Your Risk Of A Heavy Truck Rollover With These Tips

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rollovers account for only five percent of the big truck accidents, but they have a higher fatality rate than other crashes. Statistics through 2016 show that nearly 2000…

Requirements for Commercial Truck Drivers in Texas

The State of Texas, and the commercial cartage industry, take the safety of the public, drivers and the integrity of safe delivery of goods and commodities very seriously.  Our record and reputation for quality cartage services is routed in…