Drayage Services in Houston
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7 Things To Know About Drayage Services in Houston

What is involved in pick-up or drop-off drayage? Review some of the options for commercial business owners who need domestic freight forwarding in Houston.
Freight Options and Services Comparing FCL and LCL Port Houston Texas Canal Cartage

Freight Options for Your Business - Comparing FCL and LCL

One of the challenges that commercial businesses face is the frate shipping options used to reduce the cost of export or import goods. At Canal Cartage, we have over 500 privately owned chassis to handle volume shipments including overweight…
Driver and Drayage Delays

Increased Driver and Drayage Delays at American Ports

A new four-year study was just completed by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has revealed increased driver detention rates. The length of time that CDL truckers are detained at ports for pick-up or drop-off of…
Houston Drayage Companies
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Industries That Rely on Commercial Drayage in Houston

According to the Texas Freight Mobility Plan (2017) and statistics, Texas is one of America’s most vital commercial freight hubs. If you have ever visited Port Houston and looked at the long line of vessels and volume of shipping containers, as well as the line of heavy trucks, you’d have no doubt that Texas is an important commercial link for business growth.