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Future-Proof Freight in Urban Trucking_Canal Cartage
Freight Consolidation

Future-Proof Freight in Urban Trucking

As urban landscapes expand, the trucking industry faces new challenges and opportunities; for companies like Canal Cartage Company, located strategically near the Port of Houston,

Container Theft Prevention Houston Trucking Logistics
Intermodal Drayage

How Does Container GPS Prevent Theft?

In the United States, cargo theft is an industry. One that causes between $15 to $25 billion dollars per year in losses, for business owners, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

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Owner Operators

Why Do Carriers Offer Lease Contracts to Owner-Operators?

In most types of professionals, people prefer to be a salaried or hourly worker. But did you know that in the trucking industry, the most lucrative opportunity is as an owner-operator? When you own your own truck and work as an independent contractor with local carriers, there are five main advantages to consider.


The Shortage of Safe Parking for Truckers is a Problem

The new laws, while forcing truckers to stop more often, has created a new challenge for the industry. There are not enough safe parking areas and trucker friendly rest-stops to accommodate the legally required breaks. And that is making things more difficult for professional truckers.

trucking emissions
Overweight Capabilities

How is the Trucking Industry Improving Fuel Efficiency?

For the past two years, the fuel economy of trucks has increased by .5% with 2018 data revealing heavy trucks averaged 7.27 mpg. Improve profitability and help reduce carbon emissions with these 7 small changes.

Trucking Podcasts
Trucking With Canal Cartage

Best Trucking Podcasts | Our Top 10 Picks

Podcasts are a great way to keep informed about many topics that impact our industry. From new technology for truckers, to legislation and safety inspection tips. One of the best aspects of tuning in to these podcasts as a professional CDL trucker, is that you can relate to the stories that they share about ‘life on the road’.

Trucking With Canal Cartage

What Kind of Transmission Is Better?

Each year more new Class 8 trucks sold in the United States have automatic or automated manual (AMT) transmissions, but many truckers still prefer manual.




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