The Shortage of Safe Parking for Truckers is a Problem

The new laws, while forcing truckers to stop more often, has created a new challenge for the industry. There are not enough safe parking areas and trucker friendly rest-stops to accommodate the legally required breaks. And that is making things more difficult for professional truckers.
trucking emissions

How is the Trucking Industry Improving Fuel Efficiency?

For the past two years, the fuel economy of trucks has increased by .5% with 2018 data revealing heavy trucks averaged 7.27 mpg. Improve profitability and help reduce carbon emissions with these 7 small changes.
Trucking Podcasts

Best Trucking Podcasts | Our Top 10 Picks

Podcasts are a great way to keep informed about many topics that impact our industry. From new technology for truckers, to legislation and safety inspection tips. One of the best aspects of tuning in to these podcasts as a professional CDL trucker, is that you can relate to the stories that they share about ‘life on the road’.
AB5 California Trucking

Owner-Operator Trucking Rights Under Attack in California

If you have been keeping up with the news, you already know that there has been one heck of a battle brewing between legislators and the trucking industry in the state of California over truckers rights.   It’s been an angry dispute…
Truckstop Iowa 80

Fun Facts About Iowa 80: The World’s Largest Truckstop

The Iowa 80 was built and then opened in 1964.  Since that time, the truck stop has maintained its 24/7 schedule, and has not closed their doors in the past 56 years
Truck Driver Stress

5 Ways for Truck Drivers to Reduce Stress on the Road

What can truckers do to reduce their stress? We’d like to share five great suggestions that have been proven to help people reduce stress naturally.
Driver and Drayage Delays

Increased Driver and Drayage Delays at American Ports

A new four-year study was just completed by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has revealed increased driver detention rates. The length of time that CDL truckers are detained at ports for pick-up or drop-off of…
houston drayage

What's Involved in Commercial Drayage Pick Up in Houston?

We would like to share what goes on behind the scenes as a process and procedure, for every drayage shipment we manage for our customers.
Trade War With China

Could Trade War with China Impact the Trucking Industry?

One of the first signs of a strong American economy is felt first by the demand for freight and drayage at American ports.  Goods flow in from other manufacturing countries, and some of our raw materials are also exported to overseas buyers…

What Kind of Transmission Is Better?

Each year more new Class 8 trucks sold in the United States have automatic or automated manual (AMT) transmissions, but many truckers still prefer manual. The debates continue about fuel efficiency, driver control, and costs of both initial…