Best Trucking Podcasts | Our Top 10 Picks

Did you know that the average American truck driver clocks about 100,000 miles per year?  When you are behind the wheel of a heavy rig, or sitting in line for drayage pick-up or drop-off, you really need something interesting to listen to. 

Podcasts are a great way to keep informed about many topics that impact our industry.  From new technology for truckers, to legislation and safety inspection tips.  One of the best aspects of tuning in to these podcasts as a professional CDL trucker, is that you can relate to the stories that they share about ‘life on the road’.   

We asked some of our staff and owner-operator drivers about the podcasts that they listen to, and we’d like to share our top ten picks for the best trucking industry shows, that provide both educational tips and entertainment.  

1.  An American Truck Driver 

This podcast is produced by Chris Polk, a 20-year veteran of the trucking industry.  What is great about this podcast is that it is owner-operator focused, and given the experience that Chris has acquired, he has a lot of insights that can be useful to CDL drivers of all ages and levels of experience.  He has pretty much done and seen it all, and offers some great advice for fellow drivers.  

Subscribe to ‘An American Truck Driver’ podcast here

2. The Trucking Podcast  

This podcast is hosted by a CDL driver named Buck Ballard, who has been a professional trucker since 1997. What is interesting about his podcast is that he offers perspectives from every level, from large fleet jobs to independent owner-operator contracts.  His son Don (also a trucker) co-hosts many episodes of the podcast with him, and you’ll enjoy their commentary, ideas and career and business tips.  

Listen to ‘The Trucking Podcast’ here

3. Truck Talk with Bendix  

This podcast is hosted by Denise Rondini, who is the President of Rondini Communications.  Denise has been a journalist for the trucking industry for over 35 years. This podcast is a great resource for legislation changes that impact truckers, and interviews with industry experts that provide good advice for owner-operators and fleet managers.  

They love getting emails and suggestions about news topics from their CDL listeners. If you have an idea for an upcoming episode, email them at [email protected].  Because the podcast is produced by Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, expect some trucking ‘tech talk’ about new safety, trailer, air brake and trailer solutions.  

Join the ‘Truck Talk with Bendix’ podcast. 

4. Eyes on the Road with PrePass 

If you are a professional owner-operator and truck driver, you’ve definitely heard about the PrePass Safety Alliance.  It’s a non-profit organization that helped develop and deploy (in pilot states) the most reliable and widespread truck safety e-clearance system in America.  

Expect to start seeing more PrePass® locations in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, North Carolina, Michigan and Montana.  The service allows preauthorized and verified trucks to bypass weight stations and some inspections.  Because Prepass is all about safety and compliance, the podcast is one of the first places truckers visit to learn more about changes to legal requirements and regulations.  Check out their blog and free resource section for more helpful industry tips.  

Start listening to the ‘Eyes on the Road with PrePass’ podcast. 

5. Payload by Truck Driver Power 

Recorded in Missouri, this podcast is hosted by JT Peters, and this trucker and podcaster really interviews just about everyone who is important in the trucking industry. From reviews about new technology, to changes in legal requirements and safety regulations, the interviews are really informative and address important issues facing professional CDL truckers.  

The Payload podcast is sponsored and presented by Truck Driver Power.  Enjoy episodes of ‘Payload by Truck Driver Power’ here

6. The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers 

The ‘lead pedal’ isn’t a reference to how fast you can drive your truck, but how quickly you can escalate your career in trucking with the right advice.  This podcast is one of the largest and most listened to (and sponsored) radio show in the American trucking industry.  

The Lead Pedal is hosted by Bruce Outridge, who has had a distinguished career in the trucking industry. He was awarded the “Road Today Trucking Ambassador of the Year” in 2011, he is featured in virtually every trade magazine as a guest columnist and expert in trucking.  He is also a published author of three books about the trucking industry.  

Subscribe to ‘The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers’

7. Red Eye Radio  

Hosted by Gary McNamara and Eric Harley and recorded in Texas, Red Eye Radio shares episodes that cover topics about and for the long-haul trucker.  Life on the road as a trucker, and working odd hours and sometimes overnight, is something that this trucker podcast relates to.  It discusses not only the trucking industry, but provides advice about life balance, family and health tips for ‘red eye’ drivers.  

Check out the ‘Red Eye Radio’ podcast.  

8. Million Dollar Truckers Podcast  

This podcast is hosted by James Thedford, and it’s a little more edgy and mixed with some great music that will definitely keep you entertained.  The Million Dollar Truckers podcast provides a look and review of news items from the American trucking industry, and some insights for owner-operators, and individuals who are interesting in learning more about becoming an owner-operator and CDL professional.  

Explore the great episodes for owner-operators on the ‘Million Dollar Truckers Podcast’ here. 

9. Ask the Trucker 

For a podcaster who shares about two episodes every three months, the 34-year trucking veteran and Florida resident Allen Smith has gained a large number of followers.  His career has taken him from fleet driver, to operations manager, entrepreneur (he owned an international moving company) and he’s been an owner operator.   

Allen Smith has a great way of speaking to the issues that matter most to truck drivers, and you’ll enjoy his friendly and informative episodes. His music introductions are pretty hilarious too; we promise you’ll really like this podcast.  Shut down that ‘big rig’ at your rest stop, and listen to ‘Ask the Trucker’.  

10. Trucker Dump Podcast  

Like your trucking industry news delivered with a side order of funny?  You will love Trucker Dump, hosted by Todd McCann.  Both he and his wife of 23 years Lorinda, have been company drivers, so they don’t share advice specifically for owner-operator CDL truckers, but there is a lot of great information about regulatory changes, trucking apps and topics that drivers can relate to.  

Subscribe to the ‘Trucker Dump Podcast’ here.  

What did you think of our selections and top ten best trucker podcasts? Share this list with your family and friends, and if you have a suggestion about another great podcast for professional truckers, leave a comment below.  

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