On the Open Road – The Life of a Truck Driver

It takes a unique individual to live the life of a truck driver. Still, there are over 3.5 million truckers in the United States alone. Despite the recent obstacles, the industry is still responsible for bringing over 70% of our goods to our stores.

If you are new to the industry, choosing what type of driving is best for you may be challenging. One thing is for sure a truck driver shortage means there’s a world of opportunity waiting.

So keep reading if you want to learn more about truck driver life. This guide gives you an honest account of what it means to be driving cargo in 2022.

Career Choice Challenges

The life of a truck driver has become more problematic with more supply chain disruptions. Worse, the salary for most drivers has kept up with inflationary pricing. New drivers average between $21 and $23 per hour, depending on the hauling they perform.

The hours are long to earn a decent living, and, of course, there are expenses involved in operating a truck. Newer drivers can expect to drive long distances on scheduled runs. Of course, unfavorable weather conditions can happen at any given moment as well.

To live this truck driver life, you have to be willing to work in these conditions in a confined space. The cabin is your office and home. So if you have a family, you can expect to be away from loved ones for some job assignments.

The inherent dangers of sharing your work environment are a constant you must accept. You will need patience, alertness, and courtesy for other drivers to succeed. Yet, if the open road draws you to a career in trucking, several aspects of the truck driver life will appeal to you.

Career Advantages

Nothing lasts forever, good or bad, and that holds for the life of a truck driver. Changing surroundings every day is part of what attracts people to the job. As you gain experience, you will have more choices about where and when you want to drive.

Earning potential will also increase with time served. Many experienced truck drivers earn a six-figure living on average. But if you ask them what keeps them going, you will get two specific answers.

First, truck driver life is a lifestyle. Those who thrive in the industry live for the job. Truckers meet new friends wherever they travel or bask in the solitude of the open road.

Most truckers will also tell you there is a sense of pride in the service they perform. Despite the salary, the life of a truck driver for them is essential to the fabric of our economy. Of course, they are correct, and many choose the truck driver life to make a difference.

Living the Best Life of a Truck Driver

Being your own boss is an attractive prospect for earning a living. Yet, it’s crucial to plan your career for life on and off the road. If you are young and haven’t yet started a family, the road is your oyster.

Veteran drivers know that work-life balance is critical for longevity. It would be best if you created routines to address your physical and mental health while living on the road. Too many truck drivers have burnt out from falling into unhealthy habits.

So plan your rest stops around exercise and relaxation. A simple walk every day can do wonders for your mind and body. Healthy eating habits will also help you maintain a happy truck driver life.

More companies offer drivers routes that keep them closer to home. Truckers with growing families get the benefit of being there for important events. At the same time, more experienced drivers can choose the hours and places they wish to work. 

Do the research to find truck driving routes and suggestions that help you perform better. Look for the best paying loads that fit your driving style. Today, there is more information available than ever before.

Driving Cargo In 2022

Technology has advanced in many ways to benefit the life of a truck driver. Satelite traffic and weather tracking help drivers avoid issues on the road. Many of the new trucks have safety features that protect drivers from injury.

Other technologies keep truckers in touch with friends and loved ones. The CB radio will always be an essential part of the truck driver life. But, cellular technology apps give drivers excellent video options for virtual visits.

Wifi is more accessible in today’s trucks. And depending on the company you work for, pets or human companions might be able to travel with you.

Of course, drivers can now bring more home comforts on board for the ride. Entertainment systems and even coffee machines are all part of the life of a truck driver.

Drivers can connect to more efficient load boards than in the past. Technology provides driving routes and suggestions for every driver’s needs. You can plan trips better for efficiency and driving peace of mind.

Choose Your Truck Driver Life

You have a skill that is in high demand because of the truck driver shortage. That’s good news for anyone yearning to live the life of a truck driver. You can find trucking companies with cultures that suit your lifestyle.

The truck driver life will be an integral part of our economy for a long time. In time, the supply chain will get back to normal levels. Freight will begin moving normally again.

Driving cargo in 2022 might be the best time to start a trucking career. The opportunities are there for the taking.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our business culture. We’re proud to work with the truck driver life you have in mind.

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