Top 6 Ways to Celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Did you know there are around half a million truck drivers in the United States.? Simply put, without truck drivers, the economy would collapse.

So many truck drivers are on the road for months, delivering the essential goods purchased by citizens and businesses. Being a truck driver can be a lonely and grueling job, but it’s also necessary to give the country a solid economic foundation. Honoring these unsung heroes is an integral part of our Canal Cartage Company culture. Keep reading to learn all about the top 6 ways to celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

Throw a Barbeque

When it comes to promoting Truck Driver Appreciation Week, you could get everyone together for a delicious barbeque. If different drivers have competing schedules, then you could organize several smaller cookouts during the week. Who can resist the delightful taste of freshly-cooked burgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, and more?

Don’t forget to get a few coolers of soda and beers so that your drivers can wash down the food. To give the celebration some atmosphere, you can set up speakers and create an awesome music playlist.

Give Them a Radio Shoutout

Aside from a delicious truck driver event, you could also call one or more radio stations and give your team a shoutout. While on the road for long periods, many truck drivers listen to various radio stations. You can really make their week when you call in to thank them for everything they do. Don’t forget to explain to other listeners how crucial the job of a truck driver is. Once people realize that, they’ll be less annoyed by all the trucks on the highways.

Host a Handful of Giveaways

If you’re still wondering how you can go about honoring truck drivers, then you should consider hosting one or more giveaways that they can enter. The fun part for you involves coming up with prize ideas.

It can be as simple as a bucket of cash or as creative as a ride on a hot air balloon for them and their special someone.

To make things more interesting, you can host smaller raffles throughout the week and build up anticipation for the grand giveaway at the end of the week. If you’re stumped about what the grand prize could be, then consider giving one of your driver’s a week-long paid vacation or tickets to a popular concert.

Give Them Thoughtful Gifts

There are many gifts for truck drivers that are not only thoughtful but also something they can use for a long time while they’re out on the road. For instance, a brand-new truck mattress will allow them to sleep like a baby no matter what. After all, no mattress lasts forever, and it might be time for them to upgrade.

Aside from listening to the radio, audiobooks are an excellent way for drivers to pass the time when going from one side of the country to the other. With that in mind, you could buy them a subscription that will give them access to a wide range of audiobooks. Whether they’re interested in fantasy, history, or something else, there’s sure to be something that will suit their tastes. Instead of letting your workers be on the phone while driving, you can encourage safety and convenience by gifting them a Bluetooth headset. Headsets will make it much easier to answer important calls while remaining hands-free.

Tell Them About Discounts

Don’t forget to let them know about all the discounts for truck drivers offered during the driver appreciation week. For instance, Papa John’s, Ruby Tuesday, and CDL Meals all offer truck drivers 25% off their orders. To get the discount, a driver simply enters a discount code after they’ve ordered online.

Even though truck cabins can be pretty comfortable, it still doesn’t beat the kind of rest a driver can get from a hotel room and a real bed. Certain business establishments like Motel 6 offer discounts to drivers who want to rent a room at the best possible rate.

In addition to the big companies, you can also take the time to contact local business owners and ask them if they’d be willing to come up with discounts that can honor our country’s truck drivers.

A Free Breakfast

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day for long-haul drivers. You can show appreciation for your truck drivers by serving a huge breakfast to enjoy. From eggs and sausage to french toast and pancakes, a huge breakfast buffet that drivers can enjoy until their heart’s content is always a big winner.

On other days during the week, you could offer your drivers lunches and dinners. You could take a poll for what should be on the menu and then serve them their favorite meals, from chicken alfredo and Thai salad to juicy steaks and fried shrimp. When your drivers have full bellies, they will feel re-charged and ready to get back on the road.

Don’t forget to continue to appreciate your drivers even after driver appreciation week is over. Little gestures throughout the year can go a long way toward making your drivers feel recognized and appreciated.

Ready to Celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week?

Now that you’ve learned all about the top 6 ways to celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week, you can implement some of these strategies while having a blast honoring the people that keep America going strong. Once your beloved truck drivers get back on the road, they’ll be able to do their job with a fuller sense of pride, knowing how much people recognize their efforts and how much they are appreciated.

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